Wallsend Public School

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Welcome to Wallsend Public School

Wallsend Public School is located in Wallsend, New South Wales, Australia. We are a proud public school and one of over 2200 public schools in the New South Wales Department of Education and Training system.

First established in 1862, Wallsend Public School has been providing public education to the students and families of Wallsend for over one hundred and forty years. We have a strong emphasis on providing quality programs for all children across a range of curriculum areas. We welcome all prospective new enrolments and look forward to providing students and families with a happy, safe and challenging learning environment.

Wallsend Public School
A proud public school providing quality education for all students.

Address: 26 Martindale Street Wallsend NSW 2287 Australia
Phone: (02) 4955 9415


Monday 17 October
Bandfest Comp Group B

Tuesday 18 October
Bandfest Comp
Group A

Tuesday 18 October
Kinder Orientation Session 1

Friday 21 October
Swimming Program
Lesson 1

Friday 28 October
Twilight Art Show

Tuesday 1 November
Stage 2 Camp

Wed 2 November
Stage 2 Camp

Friday 4 November

Thurs 10 November
Shine Yr 6 Girls

Thurs 10 November
World of Magic

Tues 15 November
Times Table Challenge